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23. Holistic Edge Radio with Rick Barrett

Meet Rick Barrett a NY martial arts and Taijiquan (Tai Chi) practitioner and teacher. He has studied Tai Chi and other martial arts in his 45 years of experience practicing, and understanding these works from the Western mindset. And has witnessed how it can change our health, our brain, our connection to our spirit or the superconscious mind safely and for the better. That recovery from a stroke, or assistance for those with debilitating illnesses like alzheimers or parkinsons, can depend on these movements to change them for the better and even can change your physical posture, gait, etc. all in an effort to improving our well-being at an optimum level.  Listen to how he is addressing some of today's other unknowns like cellphone neck problems, which are causing headaches, and even affecting our eyesight; addressing how to do a quick breathwork exercises to fall asleep quicker, and much more. 

Rick Barrett teaches t’ai chi ch’uan, ch’i gung, xingyiquan, and Push Hands in NYC and in seminars all over the country. Rick has benefited greatly from the generosity of many wonderful teachers for past thirty-plus years. He learned t’ai chi ch’uan from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. From Master Fukui Yang he learned 3 other forms of martial arts.(xingyiquan, yiquan, and luoxuanzhang). His other interests include:energy medicine, consciousness research, and music. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 24th annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championships in 2022.

Rick Barrett was also trained by John Beaulieu,phd Under the umbrella of Polarity Therapy, integrates craniosacral balancing, myofascial restructuring, and Biosonic RepatterningJohn Beaulieu is a leader /innovator in sound healing techniques and therapies. This type of training has been Rick’s primary influence in his energy healing practice. He is the author of two books called Taijiquan Through the Western Gate ideal for those interested in understanding tai chi, from a Western mindset and other book, Finding You in a World of It is a “mental kung-fu” that helps you to get you out of your head and fully into movement. No knowledge of tai chi required. 

Guest Contact: website To ask Rick about his work to hire Rick for an event

Visit his 300 youtube video and learn many movement, and other treachings at: a little bit of alchemy
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