Friday Feb 23, 2024

20. Holistic Edge Radio w/Barbara Biziou - Rituals & Clearing Spaces For Meaningful Success & Well-Being

Today's show we will learn about the power of ritual in everyday life. Barbara Biziou will explain how trauma and negative happenings can be removed from a space, and once that happens how that space can become productive and successful just by simple rituals she performs for clients worldwide, from an UN ambassador to a broadway producer. She will also introduce other areas she is called to help out in, from corporations, weddings, to fertility rituals. Listen in and learn how rituals can move us  from chaos, feelings of isolation,trauma and stagnation in any area of our lives to a place that can bring forth creativity to material gains, with a sense of protection we are often missing in our own lives.


Music Featured:

I Will Be By Your Side by MeloMance; Superstar by Lee Seung Hyub (J.Don) (featuring Cheeze) Solo Debut 


Guest  Bio:

Barbara Biziou, a former TV producer and fashion executive., Now leads a life of sharing the wisdom she amassed from decades of global travel and studies with gurus, spiritual masters and her own dedicated practices. She is an ordained interfaith Minister and does teach at One Spirit Interfaith seminary. She is known as a Transformational Vision Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Spiritual Teacher.She Specializes in: Ancient Rituals, Energy Clearing, Spiritual Realignment, Igniting Intuition, Manifesting Purpose, and Corporate Wellness. Her mantra is: “Change Starts from Within.” Her mission is to inspire growth and positive change in others by motivating her clients to achieve higher levels of meaningful success. Her practice also integrates these old-world modalities, with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, strategic communication skills, modern psychology, and neuroscience to empower your growth, and offer life-changing road maps for those seeking a better life. She is the author of two books, The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals.

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