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31. Holistic Edge Radio w Guest Yasmin Boland: Leading British Astrologer Teaches How to Use Ancient Moon Practices as a Manifesting Tool - Host: Enoe Aracely Brown, May 9 2024

Yasmin Boland is the #1 astrologer in Britain. She has researched, studied, and revived the ancient Moon practice used for millennia to manifest the future in the tradition of Indian yogis and Celtic practices. She  named these practices Moonology. Yasmin  informs us how following simple steps by anyone can change our life for the better. That it is not based on whether you believe in it or not, it's more of a practical way to build a plan with focus.  She calls the secret sauce of getting it right is based on preparing ourselves through simple spiritual cleansings and clearing our emotional state of mind.  With over 25 years of research, visiting such places as an Southern Indian ashram, she learned how all rituals of manifestation can be blocked by held grudges and lack of forgiveness. She explains that it's not about simply lighting a candle and making a wish, that intention is developed in steps, so it can be heard clearly and turned into a reality. Yasmin has been the No. 1 astrologer in Britain, as well as the top seller of astrology books/oracle cards in the British Sunday Times, and several other British periodicals.
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Yasmin Boland is based in London, and teaches about the Moon, the Divine Feminine, moonology and astrology. A former journalist and TV producer, Yasmin is now an award winning astrologer whose work of 25 years about the moon as a manifesting tool has been featured around the world. The Mail on Sunday, a conservative British newspaper considers her the top British astrologer. She has been featured in Vogue, Oprah, Red, Yahoo! Australia, Soul & Spirit, Who, Take 5, Chat It's Fate, Closer and Red magazines. Her work is read by millions of people each month, via her columns in newspapers, magazines, the web including the Sunday Telegraph. She is a best-selling Hay House author.
She is the author of Astrology Made Easy, Mercury Retrograde, Moonology oracle cards, and the book Moonology which has been in the top 10 Amazon astrology best-sellers in the UK for 6+ years (often at number 1), she is a bestselling Hay House author.

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Enoe Aracely Brown
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